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TTT Disclaimer

The material on The Tortoise Table website is meant for information purposes only.  While every effort and care have been taken in preparing the content of this site, and to ensure that it is correct, there may be plants that are not listed here that are toxic so please do not assume that because they are not within these pages they are safe for your tortoise.

We strongly recommend the following precautions when trying anything new:

  • Make sure you have identified the plant correctly. 
  • Offer only small quantities of anything new in your tortoise's diet.  If there are no side effects increase the quantity in the next week.
  • Be aware that many plants absorb chemicals and other properties that might be present in the soil (for example, fertilisers and insecticides) and that this could make an otherwise good plant unsuitable for your tortoise.
Any information provided on The Tortoise Table website is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice, and if you suspect that your tortoise has had an adverse reaction to any food, veterinary advice should be sought immediately.

If you notice any errors, inaccuracies or omissions in any of the material on this website please notify us by email using our contact form.  We welcome any suggestions for improvement to and enhancement of the site.


The Tortoise Table disclaims all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information in any of the content on this website.  No liability exists against The Tortoise Table or any member of The Tortoise Table, nor can they be held responsible for any allergy, illness or injurious effect that any tortoise may suffer as a result of information on this website or through using any of the plants mentioned by The Tortoise Table.

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Links within our site may lead to other sites. These are provided for convenience only.  We do not sponsor, endorse or otherwise approve of any information or statements appearing on those sites.  The Tortoise Table is not responsible for the availability of, or the content located on or through, any such external site.


All of the material on The Tortoise Table website, and specifically on the Plant Database is subject to copyright and cannot be used without prior permission of the authors who reserve all rights.

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