Copyright and Use of Images

All images and text used on this website are copyright to The Tortoise Table. 

The majority of the images on this website have been photographed by The Tortoise Table team and are the copyright of The Tortoise Table, but some have been photographed by other photographers who have given permission for their images to be published on this website.  These photos are and remain the property and copyright of the individual photographers.

Images and text can only be downloaded for personal use and must not be used for any other purpose or supplied to any third parties without express permission from The Tortoise Table. 

Permission will normally be given for re-use of copyright images and text for educational purposes (for example in schools, etc.), but permission must first be obtained from The Tortoise Table. 

Please send us an email if you wish to use any of our images or text in any form of either printed or electronic media.   

Sending Photographs to The Tortoise Table

If you have a good quality picture of a plant for which you would like an ID, or if you would like to contribute a new image to our database of plant entries (and we will credit you with a copyright in the photo if we use it), then please send an email to: with the full resolution image or images attached.

For plant identifications please send a photo of the whole plant growing in situ, plus close-ups of flowers, leaves, and seed heads if present.