About us and our website

The Tortoise Table was formed in 2009 when a group of experienced tortoise keepers decided that it was time to put together an in-depth database of plants, flowers and other food suitable for our Chelonian friends to eat, after years of seeing the effects on tortoises and turtles which had been fed incorrect diets.   

We are scattered all over the country, so between us, we experience a good variety of climatic conditions in the UK.  We also have a good network of experts around the world, who help us identify plants, give advice, and share their knowledge about plants growing in their local area.

Tortoise and turtle keepers have told us that they often find conflicting advice on the internet, and want to be able to turn to one source to identify plants and know whether or not they are safe to feed to their animals.   Making our site friendly and easy to use is our priority, and we hope that the various ways of searching the database and the ‘traffic light’ classification system will provide users with the tools they need.

We try to be responsive and welcome any suggestions for new entries, corrections and additions to existing entries or articles, and we are continuously updating our entries in the light of new scientific research.  

Lin Roberts, Nina Curtis, Helen Smith, Jonathan Dempsey, Emma Blakemore.