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Post by KellyP » 21 Sep 2018, 10:56

Hi All

We will be cleaning our new tortoises enclosure out for the first time this week and I want to add soil and replace the woodchips given in the table when we bought them recently.

I have a few questions about cleaning:

(1) Any particular disinfectant type cleaning fluids recommended that are safe for tortoises?
(2) Any recommended brand of topsoil?
(3) Lining for table - any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance

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Re: Cleaning

Post by lin » 21 Sep 2018, 11:57

Hi Kelly
For disinfection you can use F10, tamodine or iodine spray, wipe over and leave to compleatly air dry of if desperate a household bleach diluted to 1 bleach to 10 water and thoroughly rinsed taking care not to use any other cleaner alongside it.

Any of the topsoils can be used but look for the steralised ones because those are treated to dispose of any bugs, snails or slug eggs etc. Wicks, Wilko, B&Q and garden centers will all do what you need but it may be a but difficult at this time of year because everywhere is making room for christmas things. You may have to try a garden center.

Lining. Some use lino or similar or pond liner, tarpaulin, shower curtain. As long as its watertight and secure so a tortoise cannot dig it or lift it up will be fine. These are taken up the side of the enclosure to prevent leakage or moisture seeping underneath.

If theres anything else just get back to us.


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