Before I buy could I get some help

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marg w
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Before I buy could I get some help

Post by marg w » 06 Aug 2018, 12:58

Hello everyone - I have been recommended to join your forum by a friend of a friend.

I am hoping to have a tortoise for my birthday. I have looked at lots of advice re care and how to look after one but before I choose one could someone please advise me of the best type to suit my lifestyle. I don't work so can be around most days but I do go off most weekends camping. Is it ok to leave a tortoise in the house for a couple of days on its own? Can I leave water and food or will it just gorge and then have nothing for the following day? Also, I have read about needing lamps etc, could anyone recommend a good set up which I can buy where lamps etc can be timed to come on automatically if Im not there.

Any advice before I go ahead as my birthday is towards the end of this month and want to get it right. Many thanks in advance. :?

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Re: Before I buy could I get some help

Post by lin » 06 Aug 2018, 14:14

Oh wow. Lucky you Marge. I know the Horsfiels tortoise is a nice, compact, quite hardy and easy going little tortoise (both Nina and Helen would agree). I can show you a caresheet for that species here --
https://www.tortoise-protection-group.o ... 014New.pdf
I myself would say one of the giants - lol. But you dont want to go there :lol: :lol:

As you have found out by reading the sites (and we do have loads of good info on this one) tortoises must have water daily, not to deep but deep enough to drink and wander in and out. Doing this will allow a tortoise to hydrate and if you feed on the first day and turn the lights and heat off for the duration of you not being there it should be fine. So long as he has somewhere to dig into to regulate his temps one day without food will not harm him.

You can always look into having a friend, neighbour or family member pop in to check and add some food you have stored in your fridge because it will keep fresh.

If your talking about going away in the middle of winter or when its very cold then it could be too cold and you will need a timer for the heat to come on and go off at intervals if you can't get anyone to tortoise sit for you.

Dont be shy in asking questions as we love what we do and will always offer the best help we can.


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