Pandora the Horsefield from Derbyshire requires rehoming

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Pandora the Horsefield from Derbyshire requires rehoming

Post by AntW » 14 Mar 2020, 09:56

We've given Pandora a home for over a year since my brother became too ill to look after her but we can't give her the space, time and attention she really needs to give her a long and happy life.

She is approx. 8/9 years old and in good health with no known illnesses. She would benefit from the occasional beak trimming and I normally maintain this myself.

She has a diet of weeds and salad leaves with added dusting of calcium or Nutrobal.
Occasional pellets are given as a treat as this used to be her main diet until we took her on.
She has a good appetite.

She is female and lives in a 6' x 4' table and has top soil as the substrate and this is essential as she likes to dig. This year she self hibernated over December to February. She fell asleep in her table and we turned off the lights and radiator until she woke up refreshed and full of energy. This was the first year she hibernated.

We are looking for a new home for her with plenty of space as she likes to roam. She can be a little shy and nervous at times. She likes to roam in a room while being supervised. She needs a home without the danger of dogs and her soil protected from cats.

In the summer she'd go outdoors on warm days and will benefit from an outdoor enclosure but she must be protected from animals and rodents if left unattended.

She must go to a suitable home with lots of space, a bed of top soil and have lots of attention.

We are prepared to travel up to 100 miles from DE12 to find a suitable new owner.

Please make initial contact by email with details of the home and care you could provide for her.

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Re: Pandora the Horsefield from Derbyshire requires rehoming

Post by lin » 14 Mar 2020, 21:16

Hi AntW.
This is a very generous offer for you to rehome Pandora but I have to ask is there anything we could do in helping you rethink your decision. You are doing so well with her it would be a shame for you to part with her until you are 100% sure.
Of course we will do all we can to help and list pandora onto our Facebook page which gets a lot more traffic and most probably be the place to find her a nice home.
We must tell you first that Facebook or ourselves do not allow any money to change hands during a rehoming.
Please do let us know if you still want to go ahead or would like some help in rethinking.
Kind regards


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