Rehomed - Essex

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Rehomed - Essex

Post by lin » 28 May 2018, 21:37

I have a problem, A BIG problem that I haven't taken lightly.
Its been over three years now and I have had to make this decision with a heavy heart and ask, even beg, if there is anyone that can take on my tortoises and offer then a home second to none that they deserve and need. They are North African Spur Thighs, such beautiful little tortoises but both they and I are being haunted by Mr Fox, who is up there on the roof of the shed because he knows he is being watched. He lives behind my tortoise house now along with the rest of his clan and as sweet as they are I cannot risk my tortoises. He and his family are becoming more and more threatening, and invasive. The tortoises cannot go out in this wonderful sunshine (at all) until I made a makeshift surrounding thinking it would be fine. I know both foxes and tortoises dig and I know it isn’t going to be to long before something bad happens and I couldn’t cope with that on my watch.
There are 3 NA spurs, TGG 2 females and the male is a terror towards the ladies so thats why he is separate from the females and also a beautiful Ibera. All are doing what tortoises should do naturally if and when they are outside (it was so nice to be able to open the door of a morning and they only went inside to bed of a night, unaided). All only eat a good tortoise diet, no pellets, love baths and all wee’s and poos are good. No health issues at all.
If you would like to offer me the help I need in taking on these loveys I would owe you my sole.
Leave your interest below with a photo of what you can offer and I will message you back.
This will also be on our forum for rehoming where you can also get in touch.
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