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Posted: 28 Apr 2018, 19:10
by eisbrecher
We have just relocated, from the Fylde Coast in Lancashire to Leeds!
Torkoal (the Horsefield Tortoise) was less than impressed and went on hunger strike for 2 days, back to normal now.

Leeds has some good base plants for him, broad & narrow Plantains everywhere and enough Dandelions to fill a cruise ship! (so focusing on giving him the flowers of younger plants, he doesnt get as many flowers as I would like)
Also seen Forsythia, Clover & Williwherb (to be fed in small amounts only)

I think I found some Nipplewort & Hedge Mustard but I will take a picture to confirm before feeding.

I am growing some Sow Thistle, Catsear, Buckshorn Plantain, Hawkbit & Bristly Oxtongue in some flower pots

I did get excited by this very crazy looking plant, growing in huge amounts down near the river, I am 99% sure it is Deadnettle, but I would rather be 100% sure when feeding, as the page on deadnettle mentions it can be confused for a very bad plant.

Also if anyone lives in Leeds and knows anywhere I can pick some good wild flowers let me know :lol: