Enchanters Nightshade /Circeae

Use this forum for identification of plants and flowers found in the UK. To allow us to help provide accurate identification we need clear pictures of the whole plant, where it is growing and close up pictures of flowers, buds or seed heads if any available. It would also be useful to see pictures showing the leaf attached to the stem.
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A Proper Charlie
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Enchanters Nightshade /Circeae

Post by A Proper Charlie » 13 Jul 2019, 13:05

Hi, my plant identifier app has id’d thisvin my garden. Good for my Hermann tort or not? Does anyone know? Can I ask for it to go on database?

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Re: Enchanters Nightshade /Circeae

Post by lin » 13 Jul 2019, 15:33

Thanks for contacting us about the Enchanter's Nightshade. It is not one of the nightshades as we know them it is in fact from the same family as Willowherbs and Evening Primrose. I does not appear to have any toxic principles but has a rather strong peppery taste so tortoises might not like it anyway but it should be fine in moderation.
I think we will do an entry for this listing however as we do not have photos of it I wonder if you could take some clear shots for us to use on the website. Any you send need to be in full size and sent to contact@thetortoisetable.org.uk with your full name so that we can credit you on the photos.


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Re: Enchanters Nightshade /Circeae

Post by Zarla » 17 Jul 2019, 08:03

I am glad I found this post, I have recently discovered a patch of enchanters under my apple trees in the orchard so I left them instead of mowing. I will see if my little spur thighed likes the look of these... in moderation of course. He is somewhat picky so I suppose he may not like the taste. Thanks Z

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