Weed identification please

Use this forum for identification of plants and flowers found in the UK. To allow us to help provide accurate identification we need clear pictures of the whole plant, where it is growing and close up pictures of flowers, buds or seed heads if any available. It would also be useful to see pictures showing the leaf attached to the stem.
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Weed identification please

Post by jellybenny » 14 Mar 2018, 12:14

Hi y'all,
I am a new tortoise owner in Essex and I love finding new weeds for him to eat, although identification can be tricky at times!! Can you please help me out with a couple of identifications that I've attached. Thanks Jenny :D

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Re: Weed identification please

Post by lin » 14 Mar 2018, 12:54

Welcome to our website Jenny, and thanks for joining us. Hope you can find lots of interestin things on here.

Your photos, the one with the frilly leaves looks like to be Californian poppy but something is different about the leaf tip shape that is saying its not, have a look and see what you think - http://www.thetortoisetable.org.uk/plan ... ant=72&c=5
Its always much better and easier to leave plants and take a photos of plants whilst in the ground so it would be better if maybe replanting this one and leaving it a week or so and sending in another photo.

The other one with the fatter leaves is Nipplewort and fine in the tortoise diet. Heres our entry for that. http://www.thetortoisetable.org.uk/plan ... nt=260&c=6

I am also in Essex, small world isnt it - lol.


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Re: Weed identification please

Post by Nina » 14 Mar 2018, 14:51

Hi Jenny, and welcome from me too (you and Lin can be the Essex girls for the TTT)!

I just thought of a few more questions to try and ID that plant of yours with the lacy leaves. Is it growing in your garden or in the wild? Also, if you rub some leaves hard between your thumb and forefinger is there a strong smell (like of carrot, dill, or fennel)? Like Lin says, it's always easier for us to ID a plant if we can see how it grows out of the ground, and if there are just leaves showing, then it is sometimes best to leave it until there is a flower, and then it is much easier for an ID.


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