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Hibiscus/ hebe

Posted: 08 May 2018, 17:05
by Stevie
Hello ladies
I bought two hebes last year and put them in pots. They aren’t doing too well presumably because the pots are too small. They have a few brown spots on them. I was going to plant them in the outdoor tortoise enclosure but then worried if they have brown spots on they wouldn’t be too good for the tortoises if they ate them?

I bought two hibiscus the other year and wanted to plant those in the enclosure. This would be ok wouldn’t it?

In one of the enclosures I planted carex grasses etc, but normal grass has spouted and I was going to remove it but it looks rather nice and provides good shade for my tort. This can’t do any harm can it?

Thank you- I worry!

Re: Hibiscus/ hebe

Posted: 08 May 2018, 20:11
by Nina
Hi Stevie,
Your Hebe will be absolutely fine in the enclosure. You can pull off some of the brown leaves if that makes you feel better, but they won't do any harm. The Hibiscus will also be fine to plant in the enclosure, but they do get pretty big and tortoises are good climbers, so if it is near the edge of your enclosure be sure your tortoise doesn't use it as a ladder to climb out.
And the grass is absolutely fine -- it will give the tortoises something to nibble on as well as providing shade. I think you have an nice mixture of plants there, so well done.