Three young tortoises for rehoming

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Three young tortoises for rehoming

Post by Nina » 05 Jan 2020, 09:58

It’s not often this happens, but we have three Eastern Hermanns (Thb) babies that incubated naturally in the greenhouse soil, much to the owner’s surprise. They hatched on the 24th of August 2017 within 40 minutes of each other. Orange weighs 260g, purple 320g and Aqua 340g.
They have been kept as wild as is possible within a captive environment.

They are currently hibernating for 8 weeks and are looking to be male so they will need separate ‘forever’ homes and will go to people that are experienced in tortoise keeping or those showing a willingness to learn. They will be ready to leave the owner when they wake up in February or March.

If you can offer a minimum of 6ft x 2ft indoor table filled with barely moist soil, a humid hide & lots of hiding places (you know the sort of thing) it would be perfect. An outdoor area is an absolute must, preferably containing a hide with a heat source. These lovelies have only ever eaten a wild diet of weeds and flowers so It would be good for this to continue.

The owner would love to have updates on how they are doing & if things don't work out they can always be returned to the owner.
If you are interested please send an email to with ‘rehoming the babies’ as the subject and any and all info about how, where you would keep them both indoors and outdoors, diet and how many and what species and experience you have. Photos go a long way too. These will be passed on to the owner and she will get back to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Tortoise Table policy does not allow any money to change hands when rehoming tortoises, so no sales are permitted.

Many thanks

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Re: Three young tortoises for rehoming

Post by Avo24 » 15 Apr 2020, 07:49

Hi, where are you based please. I currently have a Hermann and have plenty of indoor and outdoor space to give a home to a new one. I'm based in Sheffield.

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Re: Three young tortoises for rehoming

Post by Tracy » 17 Apr 2020, 14:39

I am looking at becoming a forever home for a Hermann's tortoise, I have no experience in looking after tortoises but how been researching all the needs and requirements and fully understand that this would require a long term commitment, if anyone has a tortoise that is in need of a forever home can be contacted by email.
Kind regards

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Re: Three young tortoises for rehoming

Post by Baileykenney18 » 22 May 2020, 09:37

Hi there I currently own 2 hermanns tortoises af the moment and am looking to expand my small zoo. I would love to see one of these little torts make it too my home. I’m based in Essex

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Re: Three young tortoises for rehoming

Post by lin » 22 May 2020, 10:42

Hi Baileykenny18
I believe the last of these three are waiting to be moved to their new home. There is another Hermann for rehoming if you look up the list. Here is the link. He is a lovely young man and if you meet the criteria you could end up with this handsome man.

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