He went out out!

Post your pictures and any questions here of European tortoises e.g. Ibera Spur Thigh, Ibera Graeca, Marginated, Hermanns, Kleinmanni and we include the Horsfield tortoise. Also, do add pictures of Mediterranean tortoises you have seen in the wild.
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He went out out!

Post by Wilburs_mummy » 21 Apr 2019, 20:29

I took Wilbur outside today. I had an old indoor rabbit cage so took the wire top off and tent pegged it down securely. Gave some shade and water and popped him in. He loved it!! Although I think he could see the big clump of cranesbill geranium I left when cutting the grass and decided that the grass was greener on the outside as he stuck his head though and gobbling the grass outside his enclosure 😂. He had a lovely run around for about half hour before it was time to come in, I’d left it quite late in the afternoon after cutting the grass etc. He’s been tucked up in bed for over an hour now fast asleep so I think he had fun!

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Re: He went out out!

Post by Nina » 21 Apr 2019, 22:02

Ha, ha -- he was definitely attempting the great escape! What a lovely afternoon it was for tortoises, and I hear tomorrow is supposed to be good too. They really come into their own outside, don't they? Thanks for the super photos.


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