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Rabbit Poo!

Posted: 29 Jun 2019, 19:43
by Chaz2083
My two year old Spur Thigh is hunting the garden for rabbit poo! Is this normal? Will it hurt him? Thanks

Re: Rabbit Poo!

Posted: 29 Jun 2019, 19:56
by lin
Hi Chaz.

I dont know if its possible for you to keep the tortoise in a seperate area from the rabbit but I would try and deter it if you can. Also I would have your tortoise tested for parasites at the very least once a year to be sure everything is under controll.


Re: Rabbit Poo!

Posted: 29 Jul 2019, 09:31
by Nina
I agree with Lin that you should try to keep them separate if you can, but in the wild tortoises do eat the poo of other animals (and in captiviy I have seen them try and eat bird poo too). However, it can mean that they pick up parasites from this, so a test once every year or so does no harm, but I wouldn't test close to the time when they are due to go into hibernation, as if worming is advised you want plenty of time for their gut flora to get back to normal after the medication has been given.

You can either take a fresh sample to your vet, or you can send it off to be tested. Last year we were offered a discount by a company that tests for parasites -- here is a link to that thread in this forum about it: