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Post by Starsks » 25 Feb 2020, 21:06

Dry skin
Post 25 Feb 2020, 17:41

Sorry to bother you again
Lately our hatchlings are more interested in eating us than food ? We once day feed a leaf by hand just to get them used to it , they clamber over each other to try and bites our fingers stretching their necks to the full and even trying to stand on hind legs , they are not hungry and we always wash our hands ?
I hope they are not going to be aggressive
Any ideas ?

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Re: Biting

Post by lin » 25 Feb 2020, 22:33

Hi starsks
Tortoises bite the hands that feed them because they associate food with the hand. In future I suggest that you have food only on a slate and allow the tortoises to find it themselves. They will do once they get hungry.

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