Weight Worry Sorted!

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Weight Worry Sorted!

Post by Heather » 13 Aug 2019, 08:46

Hi - I was really worried earlier this week, when I weighed Achiilea (I do this randomly - sorry!) & it showed a distinct weight loss, although she felt 'normal' when I picked her up.
I was about to contact you here for advice.
Then it occurred to me to double check the balance! It is an Ohaus. Underneath it has a very small 'lock' switch, to protect it when not in use. It was locked! So - it appeared to work, but thankfully was totally wrong!
Achilliea had weighed 1427g on 31/12/18, 2 days ago appeared to have dropped to 1163g (gulp!!), but is now 1470g.
So, my message is - if in doubt, check your balance - weigh a known item, eg an unopened bag of flower, before going into full panic mode!

Heather :shock:

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