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Power Cut!

Posted: 16 Apr 2019, 11:47
by laurat
So, theres a power cut and they predict 5hrs.
I'm guessing Vera will be ok for this length of time?
I've popped a hot water bottle in his bedroom.
I am keeping a check on his temps and they seem to have stabilised at 22 degrees.
I am guessing it's best to wait until the power is back on for his dinner as he has no heat to eat under for digestion?

Re: Power Cut!

Posted: 16 Apr 2019, 12:11
by Nina
No problem at all -- he'll be fine. It does get cold sometimes in their native lands, and this coldness isn't going to go on long enough to induce hibernation (that would take days or weeks), so I wouldn't worry. Hope you get the power back soon though. The time to worry is if you get a power cut for a long time and they are in the fridge hibernating!