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by A Proper Charlie
13 Jul 2019, 13:32
Forum: Enclosures
Topic: New outdoor enclosure
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Re: New outdoor enclosure - Question

Hi, I have a Hermann (Charlie) 11 months old. He's so small I sit with him when I take him out on sunny days, but that means he is only out for an hour or so. Is he old enough to live outdoors in summer if I have a structure built? I know he is bored with his indoor enclosure. Thanks for your advice...
by A Proper Charlie
13 Jul 2019, 13:05
Forum: UK Plant Identification
Topic: Enchanters Nightshade /Circeae
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Enchanters Nightshade /Circeae

Hi, my plant identifier app has id’d thisvin my garden. Good for my Hermann tort or not? Does anyone know? Can I ask for it to go on database?