Stinking Mayweed (Dog's Fennel; Stinking Chamomile)

 Do not Feed
  • Common Name: Stinking Mayweed (Dog's Fennel; Stinking Chamomile)
  • Latin Name: Anthemis cotula
  • Family Name: Asteraceae/Compositae

This plant has an acrid smell, a harsh taste, and horses and cattle are said to avoid it.  It is high in tannins and also contains anthecotulid, which causes allergic reactions in humans.  It is listed as being toxic to horses on several lists, so we would advise you not to feed this to your tortoise. 

The flowers and form of the Stinking Mayweed, Chamomile, and Scented Mayweed are similar.  The flowers of all three are daisy like, have white petals with yellow centres.  It can therefore be difficult to identify these plants with confidence.

Stinking Mayweed (as the name suggests) has an unpleasant aroma if the leaves are crushed. 

Not to be confused with Chamomile; Scentless Mayweed, or Pineapple Weed.

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